I’m a social scientist cross-trained in software development and management. My last 30+ years have been spent fostering and leading measurable organizational change through client process improvement and Agile transformations. I’ve had the opportunity to lead transformations and organizational redesigns across a number of industries, including health care, banking and finance, insurance, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications, and the DoD.

My own Agile journey started when I had the opportunity to lead an organization redesign using Scrum techniques several years before the Agile Manifesto was created. I focused on continuous improvement, simpler and lean approaches to enabling client outcomes, and fostering a more sustainable workplace through organizational alignment and employee engagement. In spite of my best efforts, my clients have generated a consistently strong return on investment.

Prior to engaging full time in Agile work, I was a SCAMPI lead appraiser, worked for the SEI back when the CMM and CMMI were born, and consulted across the Department of Defense and contractor community to help them improve the way they built products. Along the way, I led a small band of change agents who made organizational change an integral part of the SEI’s improvement offerings, and trained over 3000 military change agents across the DoD.

I’ve coached and consulted at all levels of client organizations and someone labelled me as both a “catalyst and safe harbor” for my consulting style. My primary goal is to enable clients to not only be responsive to their marketplace, but to consistently improve embrace the environmental and market changes that define our current environment.

 I’ve written and presented regularly at conferences and via public channels. My 40-odd writings range from Agile transformation strategy to organizational change issues and approaches, to consultant development and performance.